How to Find Out if Someone Has Blocked you on Facebook

This article explains how to figure out whether you’ve been blocked on Facebook.

Facebook, and social media in general, is an oddly fascinating realm. On some lucky days, you meet strangers who become your best friends, but on others, you meet all kinds of creeps.

Sometimes it feels like a party where everyone is having a blast, and other times it feels like a warzone where keyboard warriors are dropping bomb after bomb of sarcasm, ruthlessness, and swear words. When things grow heated and tempers flare, one party is very likely to be blocked by the other.

What to Do If You’ve Been Blocked on Facebook

Here’s how to know whether you’ve been blocked on Facebook if you’re on the receiving end of the wrath.

1. Look through your contact list.

You can find out if the individual who has blocked you was previously a friend by scrolling through your friend list. It’s as simple as A, B, and C. Go through your whole Facebook friend list. While deactivated accounts will still appear on your list with their display photographs, you won’t be able to view their profile if you click on them.

If someone has blocked you, their profile will not appear at all. This method does need some patience, but you will eventually discover if you have been stopped.

2. Look for their profile online.

One simple way to see if someone has blocked you on Facebook is to use the results bar at the top left corner of the screen to search for their Facebook profile. Things are well if the person’s profile appears, but if it does not, you have been blocked. If, on the other hand, you notice a ‘Add Friend’ link on the person’s page, you have been unfriended and things may probably be worked out between you two.

Whether you can’t locate them in the search bar, you can double-check to see if you’ve been blocked or if the individual has just cancelled their Facebook account. Request that a friend of yours search their Facebook page in the same way you did. If the search yields a favourable result, you’ve been blatantly hacked off.

3. Go over your Facebook history.

Facebook Memories, a nostalgic component of its application, was unlocked a few years ago. This tool allows you to look back at earlier posts and see who has liked and commented on them.

People who block you on Facebook still appear in your memories, but their profile name is written in black rather than blue. So now you know how to tell the difference between folks who are still there for you on Facebook and those who have blocked you.

4. Take a look at your Facebook groups

Checking your shared friends’ group is one technique to see if you’ve been blocked on Facebook. You may be able to see their account even if you have been blocked if you are an administrator on any shared groups, however their profile will be in black type. On the group, you may still be able to see their activities, but not their profiles.

5. Having Your Facebook Messenger Account Blocked

It’s possible that someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger even if they haven’t blocked you on Facebook. Send a message to someone on Facebook Messenger to see if they have blocked you. If you see an error notice that says ‘This person isn’t available right now,’ you’ve been stopped from sending them messages.

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