Twitter Calls Out A Local University For Inviting Dananeer Mobeen As A Guest Speaker

When Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer who went viral last year with a 10-second film, was invited to a panel at the ZAB Media Festival to address The ‘Instant’ Revolution, all hell broke loose.

On stage with Mobeen were well-known influencers Patangeer, Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq, Ali Gul Pir, and Ali Akbar Chaudhry. The Pawri girl’s invitation to participate in the debate, on the other hand, seemed to enrage the Twittersphere.

Several people said the institute should not have invited someone who became famous as a “motivational speaker” by chance. However, the social media sensation was invited to participate as a panellist.

The institute is being chastised on Twitter.
“Dananeer was invited as a motivational speaker by SZABIST?” “This reflects not only our society’s but also our educational institutions’ deteriorating standards,” one user commented.

Another user inquired, “What precedent are they setting?” “There are so many talented artists, writers, poets, and athletes who deserve to be recognised.” And these folks are requesting speeches from bloggers? There’s nothing in the way of danger. However, this is instilling in young people the belief that being famous and wealthy through any means is inspirational.”

“The only motivation Dananeer can provide you is to comply to society’s beauty standards and have an accidental viral footage that is purely irritating,” one commenter commented.

“I have no animosity toward Dananeer, but in a country where our artists, writers, and poets are committing suicide due to a lack of recognition, we need to have a serious discussion about who we encourage.” However, I believe the hatred is unnecessary.”

One suggested that Dananeer could have found it ‘tough’ to explain how she made a 10-second film.

“As much as I prefer to believe positively about these things, I can’t imagine Dananeer developing and delivering a meaningful lecture or speech.” Another user commented, “Really dubious stuff.”

Some speak out in support of influencers.

A user inquired, “What’s wrong with Dananeer being invited as a motivational speaker?” “I don’t think motivational speakers have to be qualified enough to be termed that,” one person said. Her work speaks for herself, therefore I guess she can be one as well — at the very least, netizens should stop judging others based on their professions.”

“Why are we deciding who is allowed to call oneself an artist and who isn’t?” SHehzad Ghias Shaikh, a well-known comedian, was asked this question.

“This isn’t even about Dananeer.” Once we start selecting who is an artist and who isn’t, hundreds of people make Tiktoks and thousands of people slam them for it. All we’re doing is contributing to the troll culture and sabotaging the hopes of all those aspiring musicians.”

“Dananeer has amassed celebrity, financial appeal, and a general likability. None of this is something that is taught in schools. People that use the internet can and do relate to her. One person said, “Not every mot speaker needs to have PhDs and bald skulls bro.”

“Dananeer was invited by SZABIST not as a motivational speaker, but as a panellist on ‘The Rise of Digital Stars,’ which she is well suited for. This panel was necessary for media students’ future goals. “Enough with the pointless criticism of others,” one person clarified.

It catapulted Mobeen, who was 19 at the time, to unimaginable popularity. Since then, the internet sensation has never looked back.

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