Feroze Khan, Is That Him Again? Let’s Find Out

Celebrities’ choices of brands, products, and services they endorse have become increasingly unusual. They only want to be linked with brands with which they can identify.

It doesn’t mean they aim to conform to the brand’s image of them; rather, they try to include personal qualities into endorsements.

It’s quite improbable that they’ll promote a branded product if they can’t identify with it or the values it represents. In other words, the ambassador’s characteristics should be reflected in the product or service being promoted.

The same can be said for the product or service. People will stop using a product if it fails to produce the promised results or if it fails to deliver the promised set of traits to the users. Smartphones are an excellent example of things that mean the world to their owners.

Smartphones are now expected to perform far more than the bare minimum. The smartphone that a person chooses reflects their personal style, hobbies, and habits.

Like how the new Infinix NOTE 12 G96 perfectly complements Feroze Khan’s adventurous persona as the brand ambassador for the Infinix NOTE series!

Feroze Khan has undoubtedly chosen the Infinix NOTE 12 series, thanks to its exceptional functionality and strong chipset, which is based on Feroze’s affinity for speed rally racing, luxury racing cars, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

The Helio G96 is a MediaTek processor. Infinix and Feroze Khan’s relationship brings together two stars in their respective fields: Pakistan’s most popular smartphone brand and Feroze Khan, the country’s heartthrob.

The growing need for more features in smartphones, combined with greater competition, has made it challenging to choose a smartphone that has the right features while also matching one’s personality qualities. Those that dare to lead with speed throughout, with their edgy style, daring fervour, and built-in strength, should consider the Infinix NOTE 12.

Not only do both champions deliver spectacular performances, but their styles are also on point and wonderfully in sync. Infinix NOTE 12 series have edgy, light-weight yet attractive finish that is rare to obtain elsewhere, where Feroze Khan’s style is unmatched. In short, there could not have been a greater match for the fervour and offerings of the Infinix NOTE 12 series than Feroze Khan, the colourful youth hero of Pakistan’s entertainment sector.

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