Some Pakistanis Believe Saman Or Areeba Seem A Better Fit As Lt Gen Nigar Johar Than Mahira

Social media users have objected to Mahira Khan’s casting in a drama on Pakistan’s first female Lieutenant General because of her portrayal of Nigar Johar. Many people believe that Sanam Baloch or Areeba Habib would have been better choices for the part.

Khan is appearing in a telefilm about Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, the first woman in the Pakistan Army to be elevated to the rank of three-star general. The film, titled Aik Hai Nigar, would focus on the latter’s life and career. The telefilm also stars Bilal Ashraf, Khushal Khan, Sohail Sameer, Sara, and Iman Shahid, in addition to Khan.

ARY Digital will broadcast the telefilm. Earlier this week, the Bin Roye actress teased the upcoming biography on Instagram. Khan is dressed in the khaki sari worn by ladies in the armed forces medical corps in the teaser. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to play such an inspiring lady who has fought tirelessly for Pakistan’s progress.

“It’s an honour to be able to play a woman I like.” The first female three-star general in Pakistan’s army. Lieutenant General Nigar Johar’s life and career are chronicled in ‘Aik Hai Nigar.’ What a life, what a narrative… to know her is to know one of the best among us.”

Lieutenant General Johar became the first and only woman in Pakistan Army history to earn the rank of lieutenant-general in June 2020. In addition, she is the Pakistan Army’s first female surgeon general. Lieutenant General Johar is a Swabi native from the Panjpeer region.

Some reviewers have suggested that performers like Areeba Habib or Sanam Baloch would have been a better fit. Many individuals believe that casting someone based on their appearance or celebrity is inappropriate, especially when they do not speak the same accent or look anything like the character, who in this case is a genuine person.

Despite the fact that Khan appears to be doing a fantastic job, it is clear that she made little attempt to physically change herself for the part. However, the guilt cannot be placed solely on her, as producers and directors have a responsibility to ensure that major performers can depict characters with emotion, particularly in biopics.

Khan returned to television after almost six years with Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. The star, on the other hand, was mocked for romancing a relative for the fourth time on film.

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